Reducing the risk of unauthorised access to your premises is a prime concern for many businesses and organisations especially those with high security demands.

Semieta Entry, provides a secure solution to prevent unauthorised access in and around your premises. The system will maintain a record of who has accessed the building and various parts of the premises, and at what times. Semieta Entry will manage the movement of staff, visitors and contractors in and around your premises.

The system will issue an ID card to authorised staff and external visitors who will use the access card to gain access to approved parts of the building. Any member of staff, visitor or contractor not seen to be wearing an ID badge can be challenged as to why they are on site.

Knowledge of who is on site, where and when they have entered and if possible, leave site is also of primary importance in this day and age. This document introduces the options and key features and benefits of our Semieta Entry solution which will provide you with the tools to considerably improve the security and unauthorised access to the site.


Semieta Entry software solution will:

  • Handle all aspects of staff movement in and around site
  • Prevent unauthorised access
  • Control the movement of visitors/contractors in and around the site
  • Create the appropriate pass by ID Card for on-site visitors/contractors
  • Record the arrival and departure of staff/visitors/contractors to and from site
  • Provide post visit information e.g. time in, time out
  • Provide emergency roll call information should the unexpected occur
  • Restrict access in key areas
  • Allow time and zone entry parameters to be created in specific areas of the site

Semieta IT Installation Requirements and Full Terms and Conditions are available on request.


Semieta Entry software is available from £495.00. The software is a perpetual licence, hence a one off cost. A full site survey is recommended, to ensure that we provide a full quotation, to ensure that the Semieta Entry system is designed to meet your requirements

Additional costs may apply for installation, training and hardware items such as door access items, web-cams, card printers and consumables such as ID cards and card holders

Price £
Licence Type   Single Site Licence
Additional Software Licences  
£295.00 Each
Site Visit - Installation   Subject to Site Survey

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