Service and Support

A full client service and support agreement for Semieta™ Visitor is recommended, to ensure that we can keep you up to date with all the latest software developments.

The support provided is offered in three levels for Semieta™ Visitor, as follows:

Semieta Visitor Lite: Telephone/Remote Support Only;
Semieta Visitor Pro: Telephone / Remote Support; Chargeable Call Out within 5 working days
Semieta Visitor Enterprise: Telephone /Remote Support + Priority Call Outs - 2 free per year.

In summary the cover includes the following benefits for our clients:

  • Annual Software Maintenance Agreement provides:
    • Helpdesk Support, 09:00 – 17:30 Mon-Fri.
    • Free on-line and on-site support
    • Free call outs (if fault/bug within our system cannot be rectified on line)
    • Software Upgrades provided free of charge
  • Annual Hardware Maintenance Agreement provides:
    • Next Day (Best Endeavour) Response
    • On-Site Response.
    • Free Annual Visit Check

The agreement is reviewed annually.

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