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Are you concerned about OFSTED compliance?

"Safe school" requires that all visitors and guests in the school must be properly recorded and wear an appropriate name badge. 

Paper Logs Pose Security, Privacy Risks

Different visitor management approaches yield different levels of security. While some school officials believe that a quick and easy, paper-based badge and visitor log is all they need, this approach is vulnerable to a variety of security risks. It also does not communicate a high level of professionalism.

Worse, in a fire or other emergency, it would be impossible to quickly determine who is still in the building, since it is often difficult to read names and/or check-out times have not been consistently recorded.

The solution

Semieta Visitor offers a simple electronic method to record all visitors on site, create professional passes, and produce an electronic roll call.

Our software allows you to ‘remember previous visitors’ when they visit again. In addition the system will allow you to print permanent ID passes for staff and governors, saving the need to go to an expensive printing agency.

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