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02 March 2015

Semieta Visitor Manager Goes Global

With continuing growth across many different sectors of the UK market, interest in AccessIT Data’s Semieta Visitor Manager software application is expanding internationally, with recent enquiries received from the US and Africa, as well as European markets.

With installations now live in San Francisco, Nigeria and Poland, as well as solid enquiries from France, Germany and Romania, Semieta Visitor Manager has now been developed as a translatable version which can be tailored to international customer requirements.

An initial enquiry from Poland included an opportunity to provide Semieta Visitor Manager to fifteen other Polish Companies. With this increasing interest in Poland, our development team set to work on providing our first international version in Polish, by including a language database to ensure that the data fields are translated into the required local language. With some refinement from our Polish friends, the solution is now live and fully rolled out to all those interested.

As its name suggests the Semieta Visitor Manager solution will help you to manage your visitors, contractors and employees when visiting each company location. With a growing list of clients including many UK and Globally Quoted Organisations across many different market sectors, Semieta Visitor Manager is widely thought of as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use product of its kind available today. And now, with the launch of an International version, Semieta Visitor Manager is one of the most universally acceptable solutions, for managing visitors to your organisations premises, across the globe.

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